Benefits of being an Au Pair


Are you dreaming of travelling to Australia but worried about getting a job and accommodation when you get there?


With Au Pair Connections Australia you will have the opportunity to become part of an Australian friendly family home, helping with childcare and light household duties while earning a weekly income. You will receive full board including meals in exchange for 20 to 40 hours work per week. Depending on how many hours are required, you will receive a weekly income.


This is a unique experience which combines work and travel in a safe and affordable way!

au pair connections Australia


Want more confidence and independence before stepping out into the workforce?


Being an Au Pair with Au Pair Connections Australia will help you gain the confidence and independence you need before starting your career in whatever industry you choose. Your international work experience and reference from Au Pair Connections Australia will impress employers as they will see that you are not afraid to travel the world and experience new things and cultures!


This will give you an advantage in your chosen career!

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