Benefits of Hosting an Au Pair/Demi Pair


Juggling work and home commitments is very stressful, not to mention tiring. An Au Pair/Demi Pair is that extra pair of hands to help and they can be on duty anywhere from 15 hours per week from a Demi Pair or from 20 – 40 hours per week from an Au Pair at an affordable price.


Imagine this:


  • you are running late from the office therefore dinner isn’t going to be ready until late and the children need to have a bath, have dinner and need help with homework – your Au Pair/Demi Pair is already at home taking care of some of those duties


  • the children want your attention but you need to vacuum and get dinner ready – your Au Pair/Demi Pair is there to play with the children and keep them entertained so you can get the jobs done or vice versa


Australian childcare costs are rising, putting more and more financial stress on families. Most childcare costs are the same as what you would pay an Au Pair on a weekly basis but without the benefits of all the other hours of help and duties. An Au Pair will provide safe, convenient and affordable childcare at one fixed weekly price, no matter how many children are involved.


Imagine this:


  • no rushing from home or work and stressing in traffic to make sure the children are dropped off and picked up in time


  • date nights with your husband or partner


  • the children safe and happy at home, with the Au Pair getting their dinner or getting them to their after school activity


More and more families have at least one parent either working long hours or working away from home for extended periods of time making it very difficult for the remaining parent to manage and run the family home on their own and feeling lonely and unsupported. Not only can an Au Pair/Demi Pair provide that support to help run the family home smoothly and undisrupted but also be company for the remaining parent once the children are safely tucked into bed for the night.


These are only a few main benefits for hosting an Au Pair Connections Australia

Au Pair or Demi Pair!


The decision between hosting an Au Pair over a Demi Pair should depend on how much help you require and whether you require that help between the school hours as a Demi Pair will not be available Monday through to Friday 9am – 2.30pm/3pm.


At Au Pair Connections Australia we will personally interview your family to get a real understanding of what is needed so that your Au Pair/Demi Pair placement feels customized to meet your requirements!

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